Weak Alternator (wrong answer?)

Dale McCormack dale at themccormacks.org
Mon Apr 8 10:16:47 EDT 2002

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In examining my "broken" alternator cable, it had breaks in the strands thr=
oughout the cable end where it exited the alternator.  Although the cable s=
eemed to be solid, these hundreds of  breaks wouldn't allow adequate curren=
t flow.  No corrosion whatsoever was present.  Your "parallel cable system"=
 is a good one.


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  The problem appears less on the 88> 200, cuz audi changed the cable routi=
ng (no splice, dash comes from 2 feeds at the battery).  That said, you can=
 easily ck if you have a problem.  Ck battery voltage vs a/c head voltage v=
s alt voltage.  Less than .5v is good.  More than .5 volts, I put in an aux=
 2 or 4 guage wire from the alt to the battery direct.  This usually puts t=
he A/C head voltage within .2 volts of battery.  I don't find this problem =
to be unique to any particular chassis thru 1991.  As of 1992, audi seemed =
to address the problem (or they just aren't old enough yet).

  The problem is the audi wiring is prone to corrosion and resistance.  Whe=
n this happens you get 100% alt output 100% of the time.  This causes prema=
ture failure of the charging system.


  Scott Justusson
  QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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    A Google search on audifans.com for battery cable splice yields about 50
    postings, which means probably eight or ten DIFFERENT reports on the
    subject, but maybe only one or two for the 200q20v list.


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