200q 20v fuel line woes

Richard J. Andrews tech at flashmail.com
Mon Apr 8 17:58:44 EDT 2002

i'm trying to change the return line on dad's 91 200 20v.
first of all i can't seem to get the right part, the one in etka is wrong.
the illustration is wrong and i am using the 3b designated line,
the one i ordered looks nothing like any of the lines on this car.
i was going to just pull the line and have it rebuilt.. well it runs behind
the rack. and there is a union
connection down by the cat, i loosened all of the rack bolts and pulled the
rack forward about 6 inches it still seems
the return line is hung up on something back there, nothing appears
obvious. Am i overlooking something stupid?
there was a ziptie holding a green vacuum line to the return line removed
that as well. the bentley doesn't
show anything about the fuel line removal/replacement. I am at a total loss
on this one.
I may have to pull the whole frigging rack out of there?

BTW, this is the line which connects on the pass side of the fuel filter
with a small section of steel braiding.
the braided section is where the leak is coming from.

please any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was thinking of lowering the subframe for easier access.

any suggestions welcome!


'86 4kq

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