2Bennet coilover upgrades

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I got the 2bennett coil over setup on my brother's 1994 Audi Cabriolet. They
came with everything you need to install them. The only problem is that on the
struts in the front you have to grind down the lower "baskets" that hold the
spring in place and you have to weld this ring (which they provide). This ring
is what holds the threaded body from moving down. Plus another thing is that
you have to use a press to mount the threaded bodies onto the struts in the
front and the shocks in the back. They have to be pressed in place. Although I
know how to weld I don't have a welder and I don't have a press either so what
I did was I had them do the grinding and welding and pressing. They will also
re-paint your struts after they are done welding them. I had them do all four
corners so everything was ready to be installed. They won't charge you for a
core as long as you send your stock struts back. I bought the coil over system
and adjustable Koni's from them. They can do different rates of springs. I
wanted to have very good handling so I got the stiffest stuff they have. I
love it. You have to ask them for the prices. I know for sure that it costs
more for the Audi 100/200/5000/V8 setup (aka type 44). Also if you already
have your own shocks you can just send those to them. I believe they charged
my brother about $75 for each front strut for all the instalation (grinding,
welding, painting, pressing). The rears were a lot less but I don't recall how
much. If you got the money this is the easiest way to go but if you know of
someone who can weld and press for you than it would be cheaper of course. All
I can say is that I can't wait to put some money together so I can get the
coil over system for my 200 20 valve.

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