Weak Alternator (wrong answer?)

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Apr 8 14:12:52 EDT 2002

At 1:01 PM -0400 4/8/02, QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:
>The "splice" referenced on Mockry's site is N/A to the 20020vt.

That's good news, but still "news" to me. I haven't looked for that
cable splice in my '91 200q20v, but I've always been under the
impression that it was supposed to be there.

Anyone with experience to the contrary (i.e., '91 200q with the splice)?


>Corrosion and breakage of the wires either AT the alt, or AT the
>battery are the main faults found in the 20020vt.  Usually the
>breakage occurs because someone either modified the alt cable length
>(from the cable hold bracket near the alt) when installing a rebuilt
>alt, and/or the 2 cable ends weren't stacked correctly, and/or were
>overtightened.  Also look for corrosion at the battery clamp
>In a message dated 4/8/02 9:33:42 AM Central Daylight Time,
>pjrose at frontiernet.net writes:
>>So two different _kinds_ (i.e., locations) of cable problem are being
>>discussed here: (1) under the carpet where there may be corrosion at
>>the cable "splice" and (2) in the cable--adjacent to the alternator.
>>I've heard a lot about the first kind, but not the second variety
>>that Dale describes.


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