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Mon Apr 8 21:35:15 EDT 2002

"TM" wrote

>>but for track use, the UFOs are not enough brake, IMHO.

Maybe it depends upon the track and the driver.  Just an
observation but I know of several 200TQs and even an early
V8 that do quite well on the track with UFO's.  It's been
my experience that a "quick" student will use more brake
than an "experienced" track veteran.  I will also admit
that we're talking about 15-25 minute sessions and not all
out endurance racing.  I've had students in UFO equipped
cars that did just great with the UFO's and believe me...it
means a whole bunch when you're riding shotgun as an instructor ;-).

The BIRA brake conversion may be a better system overall for
some applications, but the UFO's seem to hold up very well
for quite a few folks.  In fact my only on track -driving-
experience in a 200TQ was in Chris Miller's car and when the
track was a bit damp his UFO's managed to provide a bit more
friction than the tires were ready to handle...big eyes, brrrrown
shorts for me.

My regular track car is a 90Q20v that still has the little 256mm
rotors that Bernie busts me about... but the stopping power is
more than adequate and it's amoung the faster of the particular
breed (no cat, loose engine, big miles, quite quick).  I admit,
that car is getting a G60 conversion only to save on the cost of
the discs ($220 a pair for nothing special... an Audi rip-off).

Too each his own... and besides, it's easier to explain to your
wife why you're polishing your 15inch 15.4lb BBS basketweave rims
in the living room, than explain why you just blew a smooth $2000
out of the checking account on a set of bigger rims and tires and
brakes when the old ones "were perfectly good honey."

Paul Royal aka 20RoT

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