audi parts - Recommendation

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Tue Apr 9 00:46:18 EDT 2002

This was a price for a particular rotor for the BIRA Sys2UFO
that is not the stock UFO rotor.

My post was in direct reference to Chi lamenting the cost of the
BIRA system in relation to a possibly significantly reduced cost
for UFO rotors.

For the record, I never said UFO rotors were $105.

Because of your rampant criticism of my actions, I take all of
your replies with a heavy dose of cynicism. No smiles.


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Taka,  There was no sarcasm involved, this time, so what's not to
appreciate?   You did quote a price.  I just questioned if it was
your firm GB price when I said,

"At least you've fixed a firm price, right Taka?  We love you!"

Smile Taka!


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> Bernie,
> I don't appreciate your sarcasm.
> Just because you don't agree with my philosophy doesn't mean that you
> have to deride me every time. I don't know what you do, but for track
> use, the UFOs are not enough brake, IMHO.
> Yes, maybe spending over $1000 for new brakes is silly, but I'd rather

> spend $1000 on brakes than $5000 on bodywork because my brakes failed
> on a long straight and the car crumpled into a concrete wall or Armco.
> Taka

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