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I have tested my (former) UFO's with a GTech Pro
and newer got a 100-0 better than 50 meters.
With a Porsche design from Movit I got 38 meters
(same GTechPro)
Street - or track - use the best brakes you can get.
(I don't use BIRA because they have not done a TÜV
aprovement for legal use in Denmark)
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> Bernie,
> I don't appreciate your sarcasm.
> Just because you don't agree with my philosophy doesn't mean
> that you have to deride me every time. I don't know what you
> do, but for track use, the UFOs are not enough brake, IMHO.
> Yes, maybe spending over $1000 for new brakes is silly, but
> I'd rather spend $1000 on brakes than $5000 on bodywork because
> my brakes failed on a long straight and the car crumpled into
> a concrete wall or Armco.
> Taka
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