radiator hose blew off

Neil Vonhof nhvonhof at attbi.com
Tue Apr 9 10:02:05 EDT 2002

Be carefull of overtightening. Because these flanges are plastic they can get
"baked" and then overtighening crushes them.
-Neil Vonhof

Bryan Foster wrote:

> 200 owners,
> I am new to the list.  Got my 200 3 weeks ago.  Had my first problem today
> in downtown Boston.  Temperature warning light beeped at me and flashed.
> Looked at the gauge, and temp was just one tick above the bold one.  Then
> my car started steaming out the grill.  Opened the hood to find the top
> radiator hose had blown off.  I know there is a problem with the radiator
> ends breaking off because they are plastic but it doesn't look like it is
> broken off, although the rim is not smooth.  Can someone tell me about how
> long the top plastic end is supposed to be.  It looks like mine is about
> an inch which seems like enough to stick the hose back on and tighten
> down.  Anything I should be worried about after loosing all water
> pressure?  Can I just fill it with water to get it home (10miles. 65
> degrees outside temp)?
> Thanks for your help in advance.
> Bryan Foster
> '91 200 20V 127k
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