Top Radiator Hose

George Sidman sidman at
Tue Apr 9 10:32:09 EDT 2002

Bryan:    If the top hose nipple does not have the expanded rim at the
end to better hold the hose, then I would say that the nipple has
already been broken off. I have one sitting in my garage that looks
just like yours.

These radiators are problematic. If the water pump goes out it appears
that thermal shock from the water loss will crack the upper nipple, so
you get to replace the pump and a few days later, the radiator. To
permanently solve this problem, get a metal radiator from Modine for
about $160. You will need to have the radiator shop add two 1"
diameter nipples opposite the main hose connectors to accommodate the
aux radiator.

Just refill with water to get home. But, be aware that keeping the
hose on without the full upper connector may remain difficult.
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