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Tue Apr 9 21:33:20 EDT 2002

Thanks for the heads up.  I'm more intrigued than anything.  Anyone that
plays with torsen BR is ok with me.  That said, my library brims with torsen
information, my interview on the device rivals only Goggin with Chocholek, I
spoke with Rally god Stig Blomqvist about it over a beer in 1999.

I see the advantages of having quicker turn in response, which IS a well
documented advantage to the device over say a locked diff.  One might also
argue that a wider bias ratio works better than a narrow one.  I'd have to do
more reasoning on that claim, my research and BTDT would indicate the
opposite, but I haven't looked at any of these concepts in terms of race
cars, only street cars.

ALL that said, my nerding aside, what Stasis offers the S4tt owner as the
"quattro advantage" over stock, ALL torsen cars have up until the A4/S4tt.
Depending on who's claim you look at from audi, the stock torque split of all
audi torsen center chassis up thru 1998 is 78/22 or 75/25.  Which translates
to a 3-3.5:1BR meaning that their magic won't reveal any real advantage in
the pre 98 torsen center cars.

IOW, many of you are already there.  I hope something good comes out of all
this.  Right now, I'm skeptical, but open to someone 'splanin it to me.

I wonder what WR ran for center diff split in the San Remo 85 car.  Too bad
it was destroyed by audi.

Mike V writes:
Well, I really hesitate to weigh in on a Torsen thread and know Scott
often knows of what he speaks. However, in this case perhaps you should
have a discussion with "any Stasis representative." I did. I interviewed
Paul Lambert last Fall for Quattro Quarterly at his team's race shop and
met the
Engineering team. His Engineers have backgrounds with NASCAR, Penske
Racing, and Chrysler's BTTC programs. I have no doubt after spending a
few hours at the race shop these guys can nerd it out with the best of

A specific pointed question I made sure to ask (thinking of you the
whole time Scott) in my interview was about the Torsen-presence of, and
if so, how they control it. They indeed are "tuning" the Torsen for the
SPEED Touring racecar and, according to Paul, have mastered control of
it. They sell race engineering services and helped the Champion S4 SPEED
GT team come back from a serious slump at Laguna Seca to the dominant
performances at Road Atlanta that clinched Galati's championship, and
Audi's WCGT constructor's championship. I do not know if that included
"tuning the Torsen" but it does emphasize the level of Engineering
expertise of the Stasis team. There is only one "S4tt boys" team I am
aware of in GARRA Cup competition and AFAIK they do not do near as well
as Champion in SPEED GT, or for that matter as well as Stasis in SPEED
Touring (Paul's drive at Laguna Seca last year was perhaps the strongest
non-factory Audi drive in US sedan road racing history and it was only
their third time out).

They very much have done their homework. A lot of it in fact. Stop by
the trailer at a SPEED Touring event, introduce yourself and say hi.
Paul is a very nice guy and is an ACCNA instructor too, you guys have at
least that in common and I bet you would hit it off well.

A related link: Paul's
car at the January ACCNA Thunderhill driver's school.

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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