radiator nipple lip

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Tue Apr 9 19:51:28 EDT 2002

Just a quick thought - if you screwed the hose to the piece *above* the hose
clamp, I doubt it would leak or blow off. Maybe even a couple screws or an
"all the way through" small bolt. Or as George says, it might last a few
months and then blow the whole thing off. Might be a good temp repair until
a new one can be installed though.

mike miller
helmville montana

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Subject: radiator nipple lip

> Thanks to everyone who helped me out with the radiator hose blowing off
> info.
> Here is another question for the group:  My top radiator nipple is broken
> off, although appears to be by the PO.  However there is a good amount
> left to stick the hose back on.  What is missing is the important lip to
> keep the hose from blowing off, as happened today.  Does anyone have any
> ideas to put a new lip on the nipple?  I know it would have to be
> something high temp.  This would save me from replacing an otherwise good
> radiator.
> Thanks,
> Bryan Foster
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