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So done from my perspective.  I might point out tho brett, that here we have
a race team that is using it, changing it, and claiming better results with
it.  Might be a good read....  Head bowed, I'll stick with the torsen
excommunique as dictated, I'm sure only a matter of time before the S car
list puts me back in my cage as well.  Sigh....

My apologies for any indescretions I may have assumed so carelessly when let
out of my cage.  This thing we call torsen center is unique to audi, and even
has audi published documented flaws.  For more tune into torsen at audifans.com.

your ascribed arachnoid sapien

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> In any case, please take it off the 200q20v list.
> Thx,
> Brett
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