Open roads, wheatfields and quattros

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at
Tue Apr 9 22:12:03 EDT 2002

  Fellow Audians,

My round trip commute is blistering 2.5 miles.  Hence, my long legged
'91 200 20v tqa does get much of an opportunity to stretch its legs.
 Went to Seattle last weekend for an IP conference.  The trip over was
all freeway (90).  Cars, trucks, and with the exception of the climb out
of the Colombia River Valley and eventually over the Cascades, boring.
 On the way back (Sunday afternoon) the fun started up Snoqualmie Pass.
 The last part before the summit is long and steep.  You gotta love a
turbo here.  It just keeps pumping in that cold moist mountain air and
as the rest of the cars fade, you just keep rolling.  I stayed on 90
through the Colombia River Valley (always fun) and got off just east of
George and took 283 to Ephrata and then 28 through Odessa and on to
Davenport.  From 90 to Davenport (not counting the towns) I don't think
I saw 25 other vehicles and most of them were in clumps of two and
three.  You get to roll and then back off when you see a car in the
distance, and then roll again.  It was wonderful - a little over 100
miles of open road, sunshine, wheatfields, and a quattro doing what Audi

Greg J

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