Euro headlamps (long)

Mon Apr 15 14:56:53 EDT 2002


I have joined this list because I own a 1987 Audi 5000 cs TQ. I know it's not
a 20 valve, but I mainly joined for other similarities between out cars. I
tried looking into Audi but the translation page is limiting for the
information I was looking for.

I have a lot of plans for my Audi's. My every day car is my 5000 and the
front and rear of the car is Euro from my 1984 Audi 200 turbo gray market
import. It has the Euro from bumper and rear light assemble both with the
large Euro license plate mounting surfaces. The gauges are all in Celsius or
liters with the exception of MPH that the UK uses anyway. I have an AAN
engine to put in this car sitting on a stand. I bought an S4 parts car a
while back and carefully dismantled it. The wiring harness and ECU are all
labeled for stupid proofing. This engine was originally intended for my other
project car.

The other project is my 1987 4000. I have an AAN for this car too. But this
car will not get a stock wiring harness and ECU. I have opted to go with
Autronics programmable ECU and software and the sky is the limit with that

Anyway, yesterday I installed my Euro headlamps. The installation want very
smooth until I tried to install the chrome trim that runs across the top and
bottom of the grill and around the headlamps and side reflectors. ETKA calls
these retaining plated either upper and lower and left and right. I have
found out that the US retaining plates from my 5000 lamps do not work on the
Euro lamps intended for our body style. I talked to a friend in the UK who is
looking into this for me. My lamps did not come with and beam length
adjusters either. It would seem that the lamps I bought were bare replacement
assemblies and not complete replacements. I called one of my parts sources
and the parts I need are available from Audi in Europe. Has anyone ever ran
into this problem? Right now I am running the car without the trim and it
looks sort or "mean" looking being not dressed up anymore. Almost like a
stealthy look to it when you see an Audi with the 4 rings in black instead of
chrome. Any thoughts on this. Later this week I'll have my garage computer up
and running again and have access to US and Euro ETKA to compare the parts.
If any of you have both versions of ETKA, here are the parts numbers I have
for the parts I need. I could not compare them to the US ETKA. Could you let
me know what you come up with? I am mostly concerned with the P/N's for the
retaining plates and their differences.

The head lamp parts:
ETKA calls these parts RETAINING PLATES
447 941 045  (Left Upper)  (Qty 1)

447 941 046  (Right Upper)  (Qty 1)

447 941 045 D  (Left Lower)  (Qty 1)

447 941 046 D  (Right Lower)  (Qty 1)

447 853 683  (Left)  (Qty 1)

447 853 684  (Right)  (Qty 1)

447 941 295  (Qty 2)

447 941 299 C  (Left)  (Qty 1)

447 941 299 D  (Right)  (QTY 1)

Thanks and sorry for such a long post!


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