[audi20v] Re: CQ PS Pump and hoses

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Mon Apr 15 12:17:34 EDT 2002

 Scott Justusson <qshipq at aol.com> wrote:

> WRT PS, you can take those PS hoses to any
> metric hose shop, and have them repaired for a lot less money than buying the
> part new (btdt).  Custom bent fittings and banjo ends custom cut and designed
> for a specific chassis is expensive.  Where the PS hoses fail, is AT the
> hose, the cheapest part of the assembly.
Scott, I've not yet had reason to do an autopsy on an 89 chassis high
pressure PS hose but would expect it to be a simple hose with Audi custom
ends, but the 44 chassis hose is not such a straight forward hose design.
Rather, it employs a sneeky acoustic filter designed into its length to damp
the piston pump pulsations. (Ever wonder why there is a crimped coupling in
the middle of the 44 hose?  It is the resistive element of the acoustic
filter)  This filter can be duplicated in a DIY hose fabrication, but is not
straight forward. BTDT  For DIY hose fab, reuseaable hose ends are available
that will accept (for silver soldering or welding) the cut off custom Audi
hose ends.
> The PS systems on the quattros need some attention to them, like a periodic
> fluid change.  This done every couple years does wonders for PS system life.
Can't hurt anything except the wallet but, IMO, won't do any wonders either.
Cleaning the filter every couple of years may be worthwhile.
> Case in point, if the original PS system lasted 10 years (+ in some cases),
> why are replacement parts getting consumed at a higher rate?  I've made the
> same queiry about alternator "upgrades" as well.
Don't get your case in point, consumed at a higher rate than what?

> Submitted for consideration.
> Scott Justusson
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