200q20v Avant for Sale

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Mon Apr 15 16:34:51 EDT 2002

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Too many toys...

This is preliminary, but if you are interested drop me a line directly
before I start posting everywhere...

91 200q20v Avant
140000 miles
Panther Black with grey barcaloungers
Chipped, UFOs, Dunlop D60A2s

Recent work:
New Bilsteins
New stab bushings, control arms, and tie rods
Nakamichi CD

Last year:
heater core (you'll be glad you don't have to do that one)
timing belt and water pump
plugs, rotor, plug wires
door lock fix

Car is clean and presentable, paint has good gloss, some small parking lot
dings. BBS wheels could be refinished...
Includes slightly greasy 3 Vol Bentley

Price? I dunno - $10K?
Location: Washington DC Area


Tom F.
91 200q20v Avant
90 Syncro Westfalia
83.5 Vanagon 9 Pax S/R
64 Standard Microbus

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