Euro headlamps (long)

Tue Apr 16 02:51:34 EDT 2002

Scott and 200q20v list,

Thankyou for you reply. I have the head lamps mounted correctly, they are
flush with the grill and there is no adjustment for them forwards or aft. I
would like someone to check the part number between the Audi 5000/200 and the
Euro 200's retaining plates. All of my ETKA's are packed away for the big
move. These are the pieces above and below the lamps to secure the trim. They
can be found in the electrical section under headlamps in ETKA. The retaining
plates from my 5000 are slid into the Euro lamps as far as they can go. And
with these slid in all the way and "bottomed out" they still do not come even
close to being able to instal the screw tat holds them in place when
adjusting the correct trim placement. They are just plain and simple the
wrong parts for these lamps. There is also the trim for the Euro side
reflectors. This part is available and my 5000 trim actually fits onto the
Euro side reflector. The light look fantastic and the difference is like
night and day. I have some higher wattage bulbs coming and also the city
bulbs to instal. I talked to a guy that sells Euro lamps and the lamps he
sells comes with the retaining plates I am missing or need to buy to make my
conversion complete. My lamps also didn't come with any type of beam length
adjuster at the back of the lamp assembly. These parts will also have to be


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