Euro headlamps (long)

Wed Apr 17 00:37:56 EDT 2002

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> >I have joined this list because I own a 1987 Audi 5000 cs TQ. I know it's
> not
> >a 20 valve, but I mainly joined for other similarities between out cars. I
> >tried looking into Audi but the translation page is limiting for
> the
> >information I was looking for.
> I'd recommend subscribing to the main quattro list, not here...
> There are a LOT of differences between your car and the 200q20v...far
> too numerous to list.  Most folks are bound to forget you don't have
> a 200q20v, and might give information, advice, etc that's not
> appropriate to your car.  Could at the least cause confusion,
> hopefully not much more...
> B

Being an Audi technician and a current aircraft technician, I am well aware
of any differences between cars and aircraft. The 5000 and 200 have many
differences, I agree, and I am also very aware of the similarities and I
believe I have the technical knowledge to differentiate between them. When
Airbus sent us to a 319/320 differences school, they didn't ask me to go to
Boeing and ask them first. You insult me with your reply about a simple
problem I am having with some Euro headlamps that did not come with
everything needed for a smooth installation. Every one says that they used
the same trim retaining plates from their US lamps. Well, mine are different
I guess. Would you like a digital photo? I post a simple question asking if
anyone has had a similar problem and I get this from you. You deferred me to
another list. Either answer my questions and give me any advice from your
past experiences or delete my post to the list. I am in the middle of moving
to a different state and all my ETKA programs are inaccessible. A simple "Ya
JIM, the P/N's are different between the Euro 200 and the US 5000/200" and I
would have said thanks for the help guys!  I have joined the "main" Q-list
before and the amount of e-mails is horrific. It is not worth subscribing to
even in the digest form. If there was an Audi 5000 TQ list, I would join
that.  I also belong to the RS2 list. Do I own an RS2? No, I don't, but I am
very interested in the performance advancements they are doing to their ADU
engines. I have installed many RS2 mods on customers 200's, S4's and S6's, so
any and all information I get is well used. I also belong to the V8 Quattro
list, guess what? I don't own one of those either, but I sure have done a lot
of trouble shooting and timing belts on them in the past. The S-car list? I
don't have one of those either, except the few S4 parts cars I had. I have a
few 20 valve engines. I have worked on the majority of the 20 valve cars in
the PCR-QCUSA. So I have some time and some grease under my nails with 3B's,
AAN, AAN's that want to be ADU's, 7A's and KW's and also the 10 valve WX, KH,
KG, MC1 and MC2 engines. By the way, the Euro headlamps are the SAME between
our cars. I join these lists mostly to sit back and absorb info and toss the
occasional question or answer out there, you did a great job of getting under
my skin this evening :)


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