[s-cars] Samco Hoses

James Murray (LMC) James.Murray at ericsson.ca
Wed Apr 17 08:58:42 EDT 2002

I was told by Samco Sales [sales at samcosport.com] to contact BRITS their
details are listed at www.samcosport.com <http://www.samcosport.com>

Alternately you can order directly from them in the UK, but you would need
to get a GP going. This is the response I got from them:

"If however your wish to order a large amount (a good idea would be to see
if any friends require hoses) we may be able to deal with you. We would need
an order of £250.00 or more."

Cheers, /J.

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	So, who's got the best pricing on Samco intercooler hoses for a '91
	200-20v TQA?

	Greg J

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