Euro headlamps (short)

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Wed Apr 17 07:17:58 EDT 2002

>>When Airbus sent us to a 319/320 differences school, they didn't ask me
>>to go to Boeing and ask them first.

>>I join these lists mostly to sit back and absorb info and toss the
>> occasional question or answer out there, you did a great job of
>>getting under my skin this evening :)

Now, wait a minute.  If you really are on these lists then you must
know Brett.  How did you let him get under your skin?  Brett means
well, it's just that he can't tell an Airbus 319 from a Airbus 320
and is insanely jealous.  BTW, my job is to get under Brett's
skin.  How am I doing?

Paul Royal aka 20RoT ;-)

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