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I've heard that "orange" filters don't have a anti-drain valve like the
Mann/Mahle/Bosch filters.  That might be the weight difference.  I've been
using the Bosch 72150? or Mann 719/5 filter on my 4ks (1.8L).  Since I
started running synthetic, I switched to these new VW/Audi 2yr/30km filters
(Mann 719/30 I believe).  They're the same size, but the anti-drain valve is
farther down in the filter.  It doesn't appear to hurt anything, but
hopefully the filtering is better for longer drain intervals compared to the
early style filters.  I wonder if the /5 and /30 on the Mann filter mean 5km
and 30km respectively.  I also noticed that the Bosch 72150 covers

I just switched to this new Valvoline Synpower 5w40 available by special
order from Napa.  (VV 966 item code).

'83 urq
'86 4ks
'00 A4

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I've been using those orange filters for oh, almost 30
years now. My new employer doesn't like those orange
filters so I'm switching all my cars to those nice
shiny black ones that wiegh like 2-3x Vs the orange
ones. (must be a reason the orange ones are so
light.....) I'll be looking for any changes in oil
pressure as well as for reduced delay in pressure
build-up when the engine is first started. Will share
all results.



--- SuffolkD at aol.com wrote:
> Re:  Mann vs Fram: as spoken by Paul and
> Glenn.............
> Not to start one of those us vs. them treads
> I've used both. Both seem to have adequate filtering
> capabilities when used
> for 3,000 miles. I've gone ~400,000 miles on a 4KQ
> and 4cyl 4Ks on Frams.
> Although I've used Mann for the turbos.
> Anyone have info on the oil pressure differences of
> turbo(s) vs. NA  5
> cylinders?
> I've heard talk about the Fram filters not being
> enough for the Audi oil
> pumps (due to pressures)  One look inside was
> convincing for me  The cost
> seemed to back up the visible internals as far as
> quality in my limited
> knowledge.  That's why the Mann's on the Turbo.
> See you both on the tracks.
> -Scott Downs in Boston
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