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Wed Apr 17 13:41:53 EDT 2002

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As a shop guy, I'd be careful about considering the 200 to be unique to the
5000tq.  It has more similarities than differences Brett.  In fact, there
really is only a motor difference (ah, and bent fenders) between the 10vt
200q and the 20vt 200q.  And a very narrow chassis differences between them
and the earlier "doorhandle" cars.

If you read Jim's post in depth, the q subject was eurolights, pretty much
exclusively Brett. In that respect, the applications are 86>91 5000t/200t
ALL, including q.  Jim, Peter and I only tried to point that out.  If his
question was wrt exhaust, or replacement fenders, your "recommendation" is
valid.  In this specific case, any part number regurgitation that came from
the request would apply EXACTLY to the 200q20v list as well.

I'm not gonna touch unsub requests, that has to be a listmeisters

My .02


In a message dated 4/17/02 11:20:07 AM Central Daylight Time,
brett at writes:

   The whole idea was to provide a shelter for people who wanted a
lower traffic, more focused discussion list than the quattro list;
you could, if need be, tune out the main list but not miss something
200q20v specific(another way to look at it is that it separated out
the 200q20v specific content so you wouldn't miss it in the sea of
quattro list emails.)  The second purpose was to allow people to
-ask- 200q20v specific questions and catch the attention of a lot of
200q20v owners(since things tend to get lost in the main qlist
traffic); this is reflected by the list still, to this day, being
open to anyone to post regardless of whether they are subscribed or

   If the 200q20v list turns into a general car discussion list, what
is to separate the 200q20v list from the main quattro list in terms
of both identity and traffic volume, and yes, as you asked, what
exactly -would- be the purpose of this list?

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