Turbo Bypass Valve Issues

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Wed Apr 17 19:05:04 EDT 2002

I used the stiff plastic vacum tubes that Audi uses, routed the long way.
Even cheaper than 10 cents a foot, of course we have a ton of this stuff
around after tearing down 5 cars. :-)

Works great.


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> At 12:22 AM +0000 4/18/02, Jobe Tichy wrote:
> >Thanks for the input.  Just wondering where you would suggest
> >getting the hose for the control line.  Is that something I should
> >get from the dealer, or do you know of any place I can check to see
> >if they sell silicon (or other) hose of similar size in bulk and
> >just cut it to fit?
> Around here(MA), Foreign Autopart stocks the stuff, for something
> like 10 cents a foot I think, maybe a litle more; it's still pretty
> reasonable since you only need 4 feet at most(I think, don't quote me
> on that.)  Audi dealers like to charge sometimes as much as a dollar
> or more per foot.
> Basically, it just needs to be the same diameter and fabric covered.
> McMaster Carr sells some tubing that looked interesting...very high
> temperature ratings.  I don't remember why I didn't look into it more.
> >     I like your copper hosing behind the heat shield suggestion...I
> >bet that really takes care of the problem.
> Oh, I can't take credit for that one.  That's George Baxster's
> solution(he's the guy who has built a couple of S2's by dropping 20vt
> motors into Coupe Quattros.)  Long as you don't kink the tubing, yep,
> looked like a great solution.
> Of course, ask me if I've done this great solution on my own car yet.
> <sigh>...
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