Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Apr 18 12:56:02 EDT 2002

>  Listers, why is it, when I play burned CDs in the cd changer that came with
>the 200q it does not recognize it is in the player yet they play on every
>other player I have --boom box theater system portable etc. and does this mean
>I need a newer model and how hard is it to upgrade the exsisting unit?

Phew, I thought you were talking about rear amps or something with
that subject line :-)

Many, many older CDROM and CD drives older than a few years don't
recognize CDRW media, so if you're using CDRW media, try CDRs
instead.  We discovered, when I was running a computer lab in
college, that most of the computers on campus couldn't read CDRW
disks; that was maybe 3-4 years ago.  You'd put the disk in, and the
drive wouldn't even think a disk was there; you'd pop the tray out,
and the disk would be oriented exactly the same way you put it in; it
never tried to spin it up.

CDR's worked great on just about everything(and I used burned media
in an mid-90's portable without much trouble)...but the factory
changer is -very- old, and might be fussy about the color of the CDR
media.  If you're using CDR media, which color?  There are lots of
different types...greenish, 100% silver-colored, gold, dark blue,
slightly green...you name it.  Probably the silver ones have the
greatest chance of working since they're closest to regular CDs?  I'd
suggest asking around with coworkers/friends/classmates/family and
trying different brands/types of CDR media.  Maybe other listers with
the changer(are talking about the factory changer?  I'm assuming so)
who have CDRs can share what they know?

I'll see if I can dig up a website I came across that discussed all
the different CDR media types, there might be comments about older CD
audio player.

Oh...one other note, Crutchfield now lists whether CD players they
sell can play CDR or CDRW disks.  Many still don't do CDRW, for

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