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Thu Apr 18 13:56:10 EDT 2002

Don't get excited.  I was recently in an electronics surplus store
and came across some allen head bolts that were so cheap they were
practically free.  The bolts are the EXACT correct ones to replace
the two that hold down the ignition wire cover on the 3B motor (at
least the 91 in my driveway).  When I say EXACT I mean EXACT except
that they are chrome plated.  If you send me a SMALL PADDED envelope
(available at your post office) that is self addressed with $1.00
postage that would cover the shipping (lower 48 only) I will send you
3 of them for free.  2 you need, 1 to replace the one you lose in the
dirt.  I have plenty of them.  If the envelope isn't pre-addressed to
you or doesn't have postage or isn't padded it goes in the trash.
I'm happy to mail them out for free, but that's that.  The best part is
that I won't tell anyone that you asked me for some chrome bolts
(although they actually look good).  Remember, even though these
are worth at least 7 HP and 9lbs of torque, chrome won't get you home.

Send your PADDED ENVELOPE to the padded room at:

Paul Royal
57 Harvey Rd
Deerfield, NH 03037

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