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>Don't get excited.  I was recently in an electronics surplus store
>and came across some allen head bolts that were so cheap they were
>practically free.  The bolts are the EXACT correct ones to replace
>the two that hold down the ignition wire cover on the 3B motor (at
>least the 91 in my driveway).  When I say EXACT I mean EXACT except
>that they are chrome plated.  If you send me a SMALL PADDED envelope

??? weren't the original screws holding down the cover a plastic-headed
brass screw?  OK, so I'm picking nits.
Yes, the plastic heads break off when over-tightened, so I too replaced
mine with a metric allen-head cap screws (try Lowe's or Home Depot for the
black-oxide finish if you don't need the rice-spec 7 hp and 9 lb-ft
:)  take an original with you so you can figure out the threadsize &
length--i don't recall.

>(available at your post office) that is self addressed with $1.00
>postage that would cover the shipping (lower 48 only) I will send you

Just to pick more nits, since when did it cost more to mail to HI and
AK?  Oh--that's right--they're not part of the US--so people seem to think
when they ask my wife when she came to the US (she's from HI).  :)

need to find my own padded room...
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