Carbon Canister?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri Apr 19 15:58:10 EDT 2002

At 1:33 PM -0400 4/19/02, Chrisellenhem at wrote:
>Hello All,
>Anybody have any experience/knowledge of sources/causes for fuel odor coming
>from the front of the car when the engine is running?  With the warmer
>weather upon us & the windows/roof open, I notice an offensive trace of fuel
>vapor.  Could this be caused by a problem w/ the carbon canister?  Any
>maintenance schedule associated with this unit/system?  Any other ideas?

Quite possibly you have a fuel line leak--check the section of
braided hose located next to the fuel filter as others have reported
leakage there (Brett,...?) I guess a leak could also occur at the
fuel pressure regulator (diaphragm)--a common problem with the
V8s--although I don't recall if any fuel odor is caused by that.

I'm not sure if fuel odors are caused by faulty operation of the
carbon cannister, but there could be ECU codes due to that--have you
checked for codes?


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