Bose repair success! List pays for itself again! Brett, you da man!

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sat Apr 20 23:47:46 EDT 2002

At 6:31 PM -0700 4/20/02, Scalmanini Steve wrote:

>I saved so much on this repair that I'll feel guilty until I donate
>to the list.

Actually, one or two people asked, when responding to my survey,
where they could send in money.  While I appreciate the though and
I'm unemployed at the moment, the money should really be going to
Dan, whose paypal account is dans at  Even with donations
and such, it'll be a long time before he breaks even on the costs of
hosting the server.

>You did good,

Aw shucks.  And to think someone recently said I had no idea what I
talked about :-)

BTW, for the curious(I got one or two emails asking when I would
update the docs on doing rear speakers), it turns out that the rear
module is near identical to the front.  The easiest way to get 'em
out is from the bottom for the pass side, and the driver's side will
-only-(in my experience) come out "from the top"; one or two bolts
are almost completely inaccessible because of the shape of the trunk.

To get the driver's side one out, the easiest by far is to get one of
those ratchet wrenches...we've got a set from Husky, works great.
One side up means "loosen", other side up means "tighten".  There's
probably some "official" name for 'em, beats me what it is.  Anyway,
the grill comes out with a slight twist and pull; the foam ring comes
out with a little tugging.  Undo all four locknuts, pull out the
washers, now go back into the trunk and just wiggle it out, takes a
bunch of tugging in different ways.

PS:so far so good with the new soundgate adapter...
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