Bose repair success! List pays for itself again! Brett, youda man!

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Sat Apr 20 22:46:55 EDT 2002


Just as an aside note, I had problems for a couple yrs with the rears
cutting out - this was wth an original Bose as pulled by a lister several
yrs ago that I purchased. (reason for purchase was that button # 2 would
stick in) I recently bought another Bose from a lister ( same thing - #2
button which I NEVER use).  However this radio was a Bose reman unit. And it
works great - no rear speaker cutout. I do still get a high pitched whine in
the fronts which I had before - sounds like a WW2 movie with the bombs
dropping ( as in doppler effect) but does go away eventually. . I was
pleasantly suprised when the reman unit cured my rear speaker drop out
problem. I wonder if maybe they put a stronger amp in the reman units.

mike in montana

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> At 6:31 PM -0700 4/20/02, Scalmanini Steve wrote:
> >I saved so much on this repair that I'll feel guilty until I donate
> >to the list.
> Actually, one or two people asked, when responding to my survey,
> where they could send in money.  While I appreciate the though and
> I'm unemployed at the moment, the money should really be going to
> Dan, whose paypal account is dans at  Even with donations
> and such, it'll be a long time before he breaks even on the costs of
> hosting the server.
> >You did good,
> >
> Aw shucks.  And to think someone recently said I had no idea what I
> talked about :-)
> BTW, for the curious(I got one or two emails asking when I would
> update the docs on doing rear speakers), it turns out that the rear
> module is near identical to the front.  The easiest way to get 'em
> out is from the bottom for the pass side, and the driver's side will
> -only-(in my experience) come out "from the top"; one or two bolts
> are almost completely inaccessible because of the shape of the trunk.
> To get the driver's side one out, the easiest by far is to get one of
> those ratchet wrenches...we've got a set from Husky, works great.
> One side up means "loosen", other side up means "tighten".  There's
> probably some "official" name for 'em, beats me what it is.  Anyway,
> the grill comes out with a slight twist and pull; the foam ring comes
> out with a little tugging.  Undo all four locknuts, pull out the
> washers, now go back into the trunk and just wiggle it out, takes a
> bunch of tugging in different ways.
> Brett
> PS:so far so good with the new soundgate adapter...
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