Bose repair success! List pays for itself again! Brett, you da man!

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Sat Apr 20 22:35:28 EDT 2002

... the rear speaker module ...  The easiest way to
get 'em out is from the bottom for the pass side, and
the driver's side will -only-(in my experience) come
out "from the top" ...

Actually, I'm the guy who wrote up the piece some
years back on replacing both rear Boses from the trunk
(see Chris' site), so I know that works for both
sides, but I never knew that the rear grilles came off
with a twist and pull (and that's after replacing my
parcel shelf with one from a V8 with the shade in it;
tshch, one dope-slap).  I'll have to try it some time;
I've still got the original grilles as extras.

Unfortuately I already exchanged both of my rear
modules (and the passenger door module) 4-5 years ago.
 If I recall correctly the exchange parts were the
same Audi P/N except for the letter at the end
(disregarding any X or such second letter to indicate
an exchange part).  I worried then that the different
letters might mean different equalizations than for
the original 200q20v.  It occurred to me that Audi or
Bose might not have wanted to incurr the cost of
stocking separate modules for the different models
equalizations (e.g. 200 vs. 100 vs. V8, or leather vs.
cloth interior, etc.).  I hope I didn't lose my
original equalization forever when I exchanged those
modules.  FWIW, Digikey was real easy to deal with.

Speaking of equalization, today for the first time I
played TDK's audio-system-test CD on the stock system.
 It's remarkable how clearly the resonances and dead
frequencies show up using such a tool.  I don't know
if they're still available from TDK (they were free
when first published in the late 90s, then for a
nominal fee).  If you want a copy and can't get one
from them let me know and I'll see if I can copy mine
for you.  I know you've upgraded your sound system but
I don't know if you've tested it in such a way.

... the money should really be going to Dan ...

Yes, that's what I meant by "to the list".  I believe
I saw his postal address at in addition
to his PayPal address.



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