Bose repair success! List pays for itself again! Brett, you da man!

Phil Rose pjrose at
Sun Apr 21 18:10:30 EDT 2002

At 10:47 PM -0400 4/20/02, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>To get the driver's side one out, the easiest by far is to get one of
>those ratchet wrenches...we've got a set from Husky, works great.
>One side up means "loosen", other side up means "tighten".  There's
>probably some "official" name for 'em, beats me what it is.

Yes, I agree that the driver's side rear speaker comes out easiest
from above. The ratchet wrench you refer to is the flat, box-end
type, and possibly one with a slight offset rather than straight.
Sears has 'em for about $5/ea. Unfortunately there's no room to use a
conventional ratchet-driver with socket.


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