Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Apr 21 18:59:43 EDT 2002

So, of course after installing the radio back into the dash, it is
now back up to its usual tricks...but instead of going "nuts" and
making all sorts of noises, it simply cuts out until the radio is
power cycled.  Various little things will trigger it; switching the
headlights on or off, or a track switch for example.

I'm going to double-check the adjustment knobs on the new OEM4A
adatper; they might simply be set too high.  Another possibility is
rewiring to try the preamp outs with this new adapter.  We'll see.
However, this sounds strikingly like the problems an S-car owner had
with soundgates and the Audi Bose system.  I'm beginning to wonder if
the soundgate is simply incompatible with certain head units.

One other curious note...when the radio is the only thing on(no
headlights or ignition), the door chime will, within a few seconds of
opening the door, get quieter, increase in frequency and speed...and
eventually just stop chiming.  What's up with -that-?  Turn on the
headlights, the chime returns..but turn them off again, and the chime
"resumes" its death spiral where it left off.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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