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Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Apr 22 11:20:32 EDT 2002

The airbag light remaining on for some few minutes (or longer) is a
common ocurrance after Audi performs the airbag system recall service
(initiated ca. '97-'98). My airbag light stays on for approx. 2
minutes after each startup, but I've not bothered to have the problem
fixed yet. I've been told that any dealer--or other technician--can
temorarily eliminate this symptom (of fault-detection) by resetting
with the VAG diagnostic tool. However I don't know what is required
for a permanent cure, and I suspect the symptom will probably
reappear at some later time unless properly "fixed". While that light
is "on", the airbag is non-functional.


At 7:33 PM -0600 4/21/02, mike mcgranahan wrote:
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>when I start my '91 200TQ ( just clarifying ) the air bag light in
>the instrument panel stays lit for a minute or two.  anybody got
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