TENS cables(important safety item)

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Tue Apr 23 09:49:10 EDT 2002

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> From: Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net>
> Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 11:17:05 -0400
> To: 200q20v at audifans.com
> Subject: TENS cables(important safety item)
> Justin's email reminded me about something I've been meaning to post about.
> Folks should check theirs if they can to make sure the TENS cable is
> in place.  My mechanic found that for some reason, most of the
> connectors to the tranny were cut and then scotch-locked, AND the
> TENS cable had been zip-tied up and out of the way, not around the
> bracket on the tranny.  Cute, etc?  Talk about cutting corners when
> doing a clutch job(or worse, if the tranny was replaced.)
> The TENS system is a pretty important safety feature, so I'd
> recommend people check to make sure the cable wasn't left unattached
> by a lazy(or incompetent) mechanic.  For those who don't know, TENS
> is a mechanical seatbelt pretensioner system; if the engine+tranny
> get pushed back, a bracket on the tranny yanks the cable, and that
> tightens the 2 front seatbelts.  The bracket might be a little hard
> to see with all the stuff in the way, but look along the top surface
> of the tranny with a flashlight...it shouldn't be -too- hard to miss.
> I'll see if maybe I can get a picture of it some time...
> Brett

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