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Wed Apr 24 06:19:30 EDT 2002

We live in a small town in southern NH called Deerfield
where the population is about 3,500 and you can still buy
a 10 acre house lot for about $100,000.  The cops take
their traffic enforcement pretty seriously here...that's
quite alright with me...residents know better than to speed
and you warn your friends and family when they come to visit.

Last night I got pulled over for having a "dim" headlight.
I get out of the car to look and sure enough my driver's
headlight is showing only the dim glow of the city light.
The cop is very friendly, but he has to write up a contact
report before he sends me on my way.  It's late, I was on
my way back from night school in Massachusetts.  Still
very friendly, I am finally sent on my way but then notice
that the cruiser has his passenger side headlight out.

I quickly negotiate a 180 using someone's driveway as
I see that the officer had also turned around.  I give him
a quick flash of my highbeams and "he" pulls over with all
blue lights flashing.  I pull in front of him and slowly
get out of my car... he is about to get out of his.  I ask
him very politely if he will please step to the front of
his car.  "Sure," he says.  I say: "Well, sir, it appears
that you have a headlight out, I'm going to have to write
you up for this."  We both laugh, he comments that since his
opposite light is out that between us we have a match.  He
then points out that I have a rear light out.  I respond...
"No that's just a fog light on the other side and I had it
on to annoy the guy in the Explorer that was blinding me
right before you pulled me over...good try though."  More
laughter and we are on our separate ways.  Ah, small town

Royal aka 20RoT

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