TENS cables(important safety item)

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I've got a writeup on some of the safety features on my page; direct link to
that page is http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/procon10.html

Audi of America called it the "Pro-con 10" system, not "TENS", btw.

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My wife has first hand knowledge of the TENS cables and their benefits.
Back in Feb. my wife got into a wreck with our 200 and hit a cement barrier
head on going about 30-40mph and walked away without a scratch or burn from
the seatbelt, well she did have a bloody nose from the airbag but you cannot
stop the head unless you use something like the HANS system the roundy-round
(NASCAR) guys use.  I have seen other people in other cars have burns across
their shoulder that the seatbelt gave them when it stopped them after they
were traveling forward but the TENS cables in our car did their job in
keeping my wife firmly planted in the seat and not giving her a chance to
get moving forward.  I did not know they even existed and was curious as to
why she did not have any of the tell-tale signs of a front end collision
until someone told me about the cables.  Who knows, she might have walked
away without them properly installed but I would not use her or myself as a
guinea pig in that kind of test.  My $.02.

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