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Wed Apr 24 21:01:12 EDT 2002

> So I've been wondering: just what "highway-equivalent" mileage might
> be attributed to that track use?


>I realize that there are an enormous number of variables


> I suspect my question is similar to asking: "How long is a piece of
> string?"

The string is 14 inches long.

Seriously, when I was less experienced I found that I put probably twice
the wear on my tires at the track as I do today.  When the track is wet, extra
wear is negligable IMO.  If you ran at Mont Tremblant 3 years ago you could
destroy a set of tires in two days without breaking a sweat (maybe an axle, but not
a sweat).  If you ran on their new surface last year you'd get 10 times the
mileage.  If you run an inappropriate tire pressure you can "chunk" your
tires in a few laps (especially if it's an early in the season event and
your getting "your legs" back.... ask me how I know ;-) ).  In short, as
a somewhat experienced driver running "old science" and pretty sticky street
tires like my P700s I figure I can get 20,000 miles and 10-14 track days in
but this is on a relatively low power 90Q20v as well.   When I first started
I think that I'd plow through a set with 60-70% of that kind of return.
Too many variables.... enjoy the hobby, be as smooth, as fast, and as safe
as you can be.... and change tires when necessary.

If there was ever a time to say: "Your mileage may vary," well Sir, this is it.

Paul Royal aka 20RoT
NEQ Instructor (another little hat)

The tires btw are 225x60-15 Firestone Firehawk SZ-50es,
> which is a Z-rated tire with excellent dry and wet grip (and super
> quiet, too). It carries a very high rating for wear, although no one
> seems to put much stock in such numbers.
> Phil
> (hoping for just one more track event on these tires)
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