subwoofer and bose

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Fri Apr 26 13:48:18 EDT 2002

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The only place the ohms of resistance comes into play is at the speaker
itself.  So don't worry about that part, or the use of any resistors.
  The easiest and fastest way to accomplish what you are suggesting, would be
to use speaker level inputs from the rear speakers themselves.  Either find a
powered sub that can accept speaker level input, or buy an amp that can.
Your other alternative is to buy a speaker to RCA level adapter (Radio Shack
has them) to cut the signal down to RCA level for an amp/sub.  The only issue
with any of these approaches is how "clean" the signal is, and, therefore,
the resulting sound quality.

One other possibility... and I'm not sure about this one without further
info...  I believe that the Bose speakers are amplified at the speaker, which
would mean that a low level signal is sent from the head unit to the
individual speaker's amp.  If that signal voltage is appropriate, you could
simply take that low level signal straight to an amp/sub.  This would assure
you the cleanest possible signal.

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