Boost gauge location in change holder?

Jobe Tichy bimmer_dude at
Fri Apr 26 22:31:44 EDT 2002

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Has anyone been able to install an aftermarket boost gauge in the location
where the change holder is located?  I have heard that urS4 owners have been
able to place a gauge where two switch blanks are located on thier dash.  I=
that the swithes are the same size as the change holder between the two car=
Is this possible?  Does anyone have any photos of either of these set ups in
the 200 change holder or the urS4 (or where a photo is online)?  Is there a
kit for this available?  Any advice on this would be great because that wou=
be a very clean install.  Thanks in advance.


'91 200tq 20v

'84 BMW 318i (modified)

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