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Sat Apr 27 05:36:11 EDT 2002

Ya gottah love it - aya!

I'm pulling out through the gates at NHIS after a day
of racing in my 4KQ mit factory werks paint-job,

[see: www.northerneuropeanautomotive.com, click on
'PHOTO ALBUM' click on 'NEAs own track car']

(AUDI hood football courtesy of Paul Royal) race tires
and oh-so very very loud exhaust and I notice a
cruiser sitting out by the highway, Rte 106...
uh-oh.... So I zip across the parking lot to the North
exit to directly cross 106 away from the cruiser and
head up a little back dirt road to take the 'back way
home' and avoid the officer sitting at the main
entrance/exit. Didn't werk... He proceeded North on
106 and followed me up the dirt road and pulled me

Officer: "You have no front licence plate - where is
it?" Me: "It's right here sir." Reach back into fully
stripped interior mit full roll cage, Kirkey race
seat, 5-point harnesses, window-net, helmet, fire-suit
and a whole buncho tools and milk-crates filled with
TRS and show him the front plate.......  Me: "I fergot
to put it back on." (100% true) Officer: "OK sir, just
wanted to be sure you wern't using that plate on
another vehicle. I _know_ what you're doing. Have a
nice afternoon. Goodbye."

No license requsted or shown, no registration
requested or shown. Drive off very happy indeed. This
Bud's for me!  :)



-glen  "Upon common theaters, indeed, the applause of the audience is of more importance to the actors than their own approbation. But upon the stage of life, while conscience claps, let the world hiss! On the contrary if conscience dissapproves, the loudest applause of the world are of little value."

John Adams


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