R&Ring rear brake hose and Q on repairing brake lines

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Mon Apr 29 15:44:41 EDT 2002

Subject: Brake line help: Metric or ISO flare/connections?


Replaced the grey wagon's rear driver's side brake hose this past weekend.
It was not fun.

Procedure was :
Jack up the rear - use - wheel/tire off -
Caliper off (good time to dis-assemble, clean, and relube ebrake mechanism)
Bend spring tab holding hose into body away from hard line to slip hose
forward and out of body mount (to access the 14mm nut on hose end into
which the hard line compression fitting goes.
Spray heavily with Wuerth Rost-off.
Use a 14mm open ended wrench on the hose nut and a 11mm brake line wrench
on the hard line nut, loosen hose.
Curse when the 11mm wrench slips and rounds the hard line nut.
Now use a pair of vise-grips in place of the 11mm brake line wrench.
Curse again when the hard line starts twisting.
Take out a propane torch and heat the hose /hard line connection.
remove torch and extinguish the rubber on the hose end which is now aflame
Curse again when some of the rubber embers hot my hand.
Breathe sigh of relief when the hose finally comes off.
Connect hose to hard line
Connect hose to caliper
reinstall caliper
Pressure bleed brakes

I need to replace that section of hard line now that I ended up twisting it
- it's about a foot long and I figure that I will buy some SS hard line and
a double flaring kit.

Question is:

ISO or Metric connections?

Any tips for the next time I have to do this again?


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