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Mon Apr 29 15:34:21 EDT 2002

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Now there's a loaded question....

Liability is usually your biggest bite.
It may be classified as a "semi hi performance" car...check on it.
These cars originally sold for over $40,000 and they aren't getting
cheaper to repair.
What's full coverage?
Check your deductables... they change costs quite a bit.

As the American Dairy Association would ask: Got Points?

Call around for a competing rate... see if your company is even close.

We're paying considerably less than $100 a month.. two drivers, no "kid"
drivers in the house, over 25, married, no points... ever for either of
us in this state, multi-car discount, safe driver discount, less than 25
miles to work, rural area.  States vary in what costs.  I'm 39, my wife
is 30.  When I was 24 in New Hampshire I got hammered for being under 25,
single, and male.  In some states for instance...not being married is not
a penalty.  In some states you can pay more if the car is red.

Paul Royal aka 20RoT

> I just got a 91 200q 20vt. I've very suprised by the
> cost of insurance. For full coverage I'm paying $205 a
> month. I just don't understand why it's so high. How
> much do you guys pay?
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