Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Apr 29 20:59:55 EDT 2002

At 07:14 PM 04/29/2002 -0400, Ingo D. Rautenberg wrote:

>Very dependent on where you live (state/city) plus age/driving record and
>marital status.  I'm single and edging towards 40 and am still paying a lot
>more for the 200q20v than I did on the v8.  Haven't moved, either
>(Michigan).  About $850 for full coverage with AAA every six months.  Add
>another $250 for liablity only on my Urq and that's a pretty outrageous
>$1100 every six months (including safe driver discount??? huh?).
>Registration costs me another $200 on the 200q20v each year (based on new
>car valuation).  Payments??? With insurance rates like this I can't afford
>car payments....Oh, one five over ticket on a rural 55 mph (unmarked zone)
>when I picked up the Urq last November. No changes in rates...yet.  But you
>can bet I'll be shopping before renewal comes around in July.

Jeeze, Ingo, why do you have full coverage on an 11-year-old car that AAA
will total if damage exceeds about between three and four times your annual
premium $1700?  They'll give you $6-7K at best, I'd bet.  I have the
200q20v covered for PL/PD by Farm Bureau in Michigan for about $80 every
six months.  I think the state license plate (based on new-car price) costs
more each year.  Of course, I'm married and about 25 years older.....

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