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At 02:16 PM 4/29/2002 -0700, Justin Olson wrote:
>I just got a 91 200q 20vt. I've very suprised by the
>cost of insurance. For full coverage I'm paying $205 a
>month. I just don't understand why it's so high. How
>much do you guys pay?

As noted so far, it's hard to compare...
*  age? (north of 40)
*  record?  (clean)
*  married/single? (M)
*  home owner/renter? (homeowner)
*  multiple cars? other drivers? (yes, yes-spouse)
*  other insurance w/ carrier? (yes: home owner liab, boat, umbrella)
*  coverage and deductible levels? (500k, comp, collision, loss-of us,
$240/500 ded)
*  where do you live?  zip code is important.

My damage is about $425/six months, each car.  Note, though, this is for
$500k limits, required to get the umbrella policy.  The other car, a '94
Volvo (hey--it's a turbo), is about the same.  When I moved to my current
house 7 years ago 5 miles as the crow flies), my rates dropped by 30%
--inner city vs suburb.


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