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Mon Apr 29 20:32:41 EDT 2002

>>>(including safe driver discount??? huh?)

No moving violations for at least 4 years...I also have Amica which is a
mutual company (you get a check at the end of the year like a stockholder's not guaranteed, but you usually get it).  Amica is also what's
known as a "Select Risk" company so that where it's legal they won't
take just anyone who comes knockin'.  You have to have a decent record.
It keeps the pool cleaner.

> 200q20v covered for PL/PD by Farm Bureau in Michigan for about $80 every
> six months.

$160 annually for Personal Liability and Property Damage?

That sounds like fantasy land... just that for real?..and
how much coverage...what about insuring against the uninsured?  Any other
compulsories (sp?) in Michigan?

Paul Royal aka 20RoT

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