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Mon Apr 29 21:22:50 EDT 2002

On Mon, 29 April 2002, "Audi Sport" wrote

> I pay over $400/month for full coverage on my 20veee.

You know, if you've got ten points already and are paying
around $5000 a year for auto insurance, consider getting
yourself a nice DWI, with that, you'll go to jail which is
the only place you'd be able to afford to live anyway.


I'm in school right now for financial planning...not that I
haven't made my own mistakes, but I couldn't resist running
some numbers for you.  At your age, if you put HALF of that
money in an IRA (Roth or Traditional) for only FOUR years and
invested only SEMI-WISELY you'd have over A MILLION $ at retirement.

Something to think about for kids BTW; open a $2500 IRA for
them when they're 10-12-14 and 16...  (or $1000+ a year for
8 years and now you can do much more if it's within your means)
it's a potential million $+ gift at their retirement. What a
way to be remembered in the year 2060 ;-)

Paul Royal aka 20RoT

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