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On Monday, April 29, 2002 6:33 PM, Justin Olson
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> Here are my stats:
> Well, I'm 17 years old. That's most likely the biggest
> problem. My deductable is $500 and I'm covered for
> 300k. Monthly is $205/month.

Ouch.You might try a bigger deductible, that usually drops the premiums -
but you *are* in the high-risk single young male group, not much you can do
but avoid tickets...btdt sometimes. Do not not not speed outrageously where
*anyone* can see you or in town, works pretty well for me.

Here in Boise, my 200 costs $271.07 to insure with USAA for the most recent
6 months - $250 deductible for comprehensive/collision, 25k/person
50k/accident uninsured motorist, 300k/person 500k/accident bodily injury,
25k/accident property damage. I am 31, single, not too many tickets
lately...started getting warnings instead after I turned 30, for some

The GTI costs $115.28 / 6 months for the same liability numbers but without
the comprehensive/collision...I really don't need the comprehensive on the
200 anymore since it has been paid off for a while now, but what the hey.

Since I am the only operator for these two vehicles, I also *get a "fewer
operators than vehicles" discount along with the multi-vehicle discount and
anti-theft discount for the Audi...these add up to almost $100 / 6 months
total discountage.

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