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Mon Apr 29 21:35:43 EDT 2002

 *  age? (north of 40)
 *  record?  ($9000 worth of repairs this year) (1 uninsured and 1 big oops)
 *  married/single? (M)
 *  home owner/renter? (homeowner)
 *  multiple cars? other drivers? (yes, yes-spouse)
 *  other insurance w/ carrier? (yes: home owner liab)
 *  coverage and deductible levels? (300k, comp, collision, loss-of use,
towing  $250/500 ded)
 *  where do you live?  zip code is important. (rural, out of Seattle, our
prices are a little higher due to miles driven, about 25,000 on each car)

 My damage is about $165 month total.  (thats $1980 a year at Safeco) (note:
during the two incidents that we had this year they were really good, they
worked with the shop that we picked even though they were not on their
preferred list and would have hauled the van home 400 miles after my
accident at no cost had I not already done so via a borrowed trailer and
borrowed truck, they did pay for the gas though, that's a big deal with a
V10 ford at 9 mpg. :-)

The other car, a 2001 Grand Caravan ES (yes it's a van but a really nice van
with leather, 4 capt's chairs and video system,  and HEY, it's not a VOLVO
so that's gotta be points in my favor) :-)


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