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> yeah, but my Volvo can beat your MINIVAN.  puke.
Let's go on a nice long trip with 3 kids, hockey gear for 2, 4 bikes on the
rack, refrigerated cooler plugged in, a bag of VHS movies and see who's
happier at the other end. Set, Game, Match!!!

> OK...guess I ought to go easy on Pete--pity he's gonna have to deal with a
> couple teen-age boys driving his cars in a few years ;)
They have been told that they better start working soon, I had to buy my
first car and so will they! I might help out but they will be paying there
own insurace so they better keep that 3.0 grade point going. Maybe I'll sell
them my 200, by then it will have 250k and I can put in a stock ECU to bring
the HP back down...... yea, Hey Derrick, have I got a deal for


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