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Tue Apr 30 17:23:24 EDT 2002

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> Let's go on a nice long trip with 3 kids, hockey gear for 2, 4 bikes on the
> rack, refrigerated cooler plugged in, a bag of VHS movies and see who's
> happier at the other end.

I give, Bauer, Raleigh, Igloo, Disney, and the oil companies?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I could use all the tips I can get on mini-van avoidance.  I'm not
knocking those who have them, and I don't have kids yet (late in the
game I'll be) but I've already begun preparing my wife that a mini-van
and/or SUV is NOT in our future.  I'm definately a wagon (what the hell
is an avant?) guy.

BTW, am I the only person left who thinks that rather than the VHS
going in the back, the best movie is out the window?...and whatever happened to
"car games?"  You know... find the license plates etc.  Why do I get
this sinking feeling that if I bring my kids up the way my parents did
(we had to suffer occasionally... that's life... watching the movie
 you wanted required a silver screen and a big room) that my kids
will despise me?  Fortunately (at least for now) my wife won't drive
a car without a stick shift (manual for you kids out there) so I got
that going for me ;-)

Royal aka 20RoT

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